About Us

Keeping the tradition & class alive which the Taj Mahal has offered to world, we at The Taj believe everyone deserves to eat the best food – that’s why we endeavour to bring top culinary standards in all our dishes.

The Taj Indian Kitchen

The Taj Mahal might be on the travel bucket list, but The Taj is your next pitstop for a tantalising culinary adventure.

Like its namesake, The Taj is a majestic, glittering, mosaic-clad beauty. Boasting partitioned booths, stunning views of the surrounding mountains and playful furnishings, it’s a truly authentic spot that oozes personality and most importantly, jaw-droppingly delicious plates.

Armed and ready with exemplary chefs from all around India, this eatery uses only the finest local ingredients that are prepared with traditional methods that have been passed down generations. If it’s a meat feast you’re after, look no further than the lamb shabnami kofta, venison rogan josh and their creamy chicken and cashew curry.

Feel the taste of India

The Taj prides itself on its food – top quality food using fresh and local ingredients combined with an array of flavoursome Indian spices cooked by our team of exemplary Chefs. We’re constantly combining new and traditional ingredients with great flavours.